Scope Design Portfolio

  • GGP Publishing, Inc.,

    Gina from GGP Publishing, Inc., asked us to build her company a new website. The challenge was to produce something that was new and modern while being rooted in the long tradition of her branding.

    We suggested building the website in a responsive manner making it available on mobile and tablet devices so she could reach a wider audience. This is part of our job; educate the client about what things they need to do to help grow their business. It took a bit of arm twisting, I won’t lie. Once we were able to show Gina the value she was 100% on board. We probably under estimated the cost of the website; but did not charge anything additional. The under estimation was working with a publisher is a bit more of a challenge than your typical client. Gina is a sophisticated professional that knows what she wants and how it should be. Thanks Gina we hope to count on you for our publishing and editing needs in the future.

    Please stop by her site.

  • Lost Penny Music

    The illustrious Julz-A asked us to create a new website for Lost Penny Music. Some time ago we created a site for him and were thrilled to create the new revision.

    Let’s just stop for a moment with the information about the site and discuss relationships. Julian is an amazing guy. It’s crazy that we get to have relationships with the most diverse group of people. Julian is supremely talented and an amazing entertainer. Just take a look at his video Hungry, great eye candy and amazing sounds. He sent our staff a teal shirt with gold print that says “Squeeze My Box” awesome! We truly appreciate the amazing people we get to work with!

    Now on to some nitty gritty details of the website; built on WordPress and is responsive; it changes depending on the device used to view it. Word press is a great platform that allows you to add edit and change content without calling up Scope Design. Julian added the Parties section on his own. Rock on Julian!!

    Please stop by his site.



    Now every time we see an Accordion we think of you. 🙂

  • Hockey T-Shirt – Dave Clark

    T-Shirt Design For Dave Clark Foundation.

    Dave asked us to put together a impact-full design for a D3 Hockey event. This is what we came up with. While working on any client projects we always think about sustainability of the design. This fits the bill with a simple change in wording and sports icon this shirt is easily brand-able to almost any application.

  • PEP The Book Business Card

    Business Card Design for PEP the book.

    We were like Jim how are book sales going? Well, I like to give something away, so I give them a book and tell them if they like it pay me later. What! How much do the books cost you? Oh No, No, No lets come up with something you can give away thats budget friendly. Wait I have it lets make a fold card that looks like the book! Just a glimps into the brain trust…

  • US Gov Fix

    Website for US Gov Fix.

    This book is a wake up call to citizens of our great country, the United States of America. It identifies the failures which have occurred in implementing the Government envisioned in the Constitution. It identifies the need for a dialogue within the community and potential fixes to get our country back on track. The US is at a crossroads, possibly the most critical time in its existence. Citizens must make their voice heard, they have been silent too long..

    Please stop by this site, buy the book, make a difference!


  • Bradford County Regional Arts Council Website

    Website for Bradford County Regional Arts Council. Ttoday, the BCRAC serves as a multi-faceted local arts service organization offering live performances, arts in education programs, re-granting opportunities, and first-run movies, all while maintaining Bradford County’s three historic theatres.
    Please stop by this site

  • Scale-Tronix Interactive Catalog

    An interactive catalog that was to be handed out on a cd-rom at a trade show. The goal was to have a great marketing piece in the hands of the consumer. It was highly effective in allowing the viewer to jump around the catalog easly. Check out the online version below

    View The Interactive Catalog

    Note: This interactive catalog is hosted on our server. If anyone with vested interest has issue with this being hosted here, please contact me it can be removed.

  • Dave Clark Foundation Tri-Fold

    Trifold design for the Dave Clark Foundation. This is an awesome not for profit! We were all to happy to lend our time and talent!! If you are looking to give to a great foundation we hope you would consider Dave Clark Foundation.  pdfBrochure Download

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  • 3 Brothers Dear Jon Blonde Bach

    Fun beer label for a great beer!

    Seriously gotta love a client that lets us illustrate like this!

  • Farmers Market Federation Of NewYork

    A recent web directory management project.

    Please stop by this site.


    Client Feedback

    “I feel very confident that you were on top of it. You’re always very responsive to our issues and questions. I’m very thankful for that!”