Raise Your Prices


Marc Andreessen, a famous figure in Silicon Valley, has a tip for you concerning your rates:

stencil States Marc … “The primary style that business have when they truly battle is they are not charging enough for their item. It has actually ended up being traditional knowledge in Silicon Valley that the method to be successful is to price your item as low as possible, under the theory that if it’s inexpensive, everyone can purchase it, which’s how you get to volume.”

” And we simply see over and over and over once again individuals stopping working with that, due to the fact that they enter an issue called ‘too starving to consume.’ They do not charge enough for their item to be able to manage the sales and marketing needed to really get anyone to purchase it. Is your item any excellent if individuals will not pay more for it?”

— from ‘Tools of Titans’ by Tim Ferriss


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