Lost Penny Music

The illustrious Julz-A asked us to create a new website for Lost Penny Music. Some time ago we created a site for him and were thrilled to create the new revision.

Let’s just stop for a moment with the information about the site and discuss relationships. Julian is an amazing guy. It’s crazy that we get to have relationships with the most diverse group of people. Julian is supremely talented and an amazing entertainer. Just take a look at his video Hungry, great eye candy and amazing sounds. He sent our staff a teal shirt with gold print that says “Squeeze My Box” awesome! We truly appreciate the amazing people we get to work with!

Now on to some nitty gritty details of the website; built on WordPress and is responsive; it changes depending on the device used to view it. Word press is a great platform that allows you to add edit and change content without calling up Scope Design. Julian added the Parties section on his own. Rock on Julian!!

Please stop by his site. lostpennymusic.com



Now every time we see an Accordion we think of you. 🙂

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