GGP Publishing, Inc.,

Gina from GGP Publishing, Inc., asked us to build her company a new website. The challenge was to produce something that was new and modern while being rooted in the long tradition of her branding.

We suggested building the website in a responsive manner making it available on mobile and tablet devices so she could reach a wider audience. This is part of our job; educate the client about what things they need to do to help grow their business. It took a bit of arm twisting, I won’t lie. Once we were able to show Gina the value she was 100% on board. We probably under estimated the cost of the website; but did not charge anything additional. The under estimation was working with a publisher is a bit more of a challenge than your typical client. Gina is a sophisticated professional that knows what she wants and how it should be. Thanks Gina we hope to count on you for our publishing and editing needs in the future.

Please stop by her site.

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