How to Organize Everything for A Web Design Project

Most people assume that getting a website designed is a simple as just hiring a designer and they get to work. However, if you don’t plan for the variables that the designer needs to web design a website which looks, feels and presents the information in the right way it’s going to be disastrous. Over the years we’ve seen many people complain that they weren’t happy with the designer because the design firm didn’t follow their instructions. It’s also not just freelance designers, but even high-end ones will not be able to help you if everything is not properly organized on your end.

So, before you even consider hiring a web designer make sure that you organize the after mentioned information.

Organize all your images

You should have all the images you want on the website organized in folders. For instance, you can have an images folder, and then have a sub folder named ‘company profile’ with all the images associated with your business’s profile. Organizing your images in this way will make it easier for the web designer to quickly figure out how to layout the page and then add the images accordingly. It will also give the designer an opportunity to resize the images perhaps to fit the design template.

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Redesign or fresh design?

Many people who contact a web design firm have no idea if they want their existing website redesigned or want one with a brand new design / layout. A redesigned website is a slightly modified design which is mostly updated and given a fresh look. A brand new design will be something that’s entirely different and perhaps based on your business’s evolving needs. Knowing whether you want a redesign or a fresh design in advance will make the process a lot easier because designers follow a different process for each request.

Have the copy finalized

One of the mistakes many businesses make is that they wait for the design and get the copy written later on. They then need to spend time or money once again on getting the text formatted and uploaded to their website. If you have the copy for each page ready and in their respective folders with the images in advance, you’ll avoid a lot of back and forth. Also, the designer will feel as though they are finishing up the job instead of having to be left in limbo until the copywriter finishes everything which can take a lot longer than the design process at times.

Know what you want

Many people who hire a web design company have no idea what type of design they like. When you hire a designer and have no idea what you want, it means you’re leaving it up to the designer. It goes without saying that some designers may have something entirely different in mind for your website but you may not always like it, after all, it’s your website. So, do a bit of research and find designs in your industry that you like and save those designs in a folder. Then you can send the designer what you like, and they can take it from there.


Getting a website designed by a web design company or freelancer can be a hassle and require your time. It’s not a push-button process. But by getting everything ready on your end, you’re at least speeding up the process significantly not to mention making the designer’s life easier.