Why Open Source Web Development Ensures Flexibility?

Open source software are mainly programs which have been developed by a team of developers without monetary gain in mind. So, the code is freely available for use, redistribution and modification by the general public. The popularity of open source web development has exploded in the past couple of years because it’s free. Plus, open source receives a lot of support from community users. This means that most open source platforms are a lot more stable, flexible and bug free as compared to custom developed platforms.

Open source web development ensures quality

Open source platforms like WordPress and Joomla are among some of the most popular web development platforms or Content Management Systems. They are the content management systems of choice for both regular blogs as well as multi-faceted websites with jaw dropping design and functionality. Also, because most popular open source systems have been extensively tested with bugs reported and fixed almost every day, they are of a much higher quality. If you happen to stumble across a bug or feel the need to modify the system to suit your needs the community forum is just one click away.

open source web development

Highly customizable

The fact that you can mold the source code to your needs means that it can be customized to do just about anything your business requires. Not only can you modify the script but that modified script can then be redistributed. This reduces the time and finances required for a business to deploy a unified platform across all their websites.

Freedom and flexibility

Open source web development gives project owners the flexibility to not just develop the software to suit their needs but also hire the right team. Most developers are familiar with open source platforms and so finding one is not difficult as opposed to if a platform is closed source. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper because project owners can then later change developers at some stage if they are not satisfied.

Widely supported

Open source software is supported by an array of operating systems. This means that you can choose just about any hosting provider. Plus, since its open source it’s a lot less resource hungry, so a project owner can decide when to upgrade their software and hardware.

Cost effective in the short and long term

The short term costs associated with developing a website based on an open source platform like WordPress for instance is a fraction of custom development. Plus, the overall look and feel of the design / theme can be changed without having to upgrade or overhaul the underlying source code of the platform. So, you can add functionality by means of third party plugins which are either free or very cheap. This does away with the need to pay a developer to build more functionality into your website.

In the long term you benefit from the latest updates which ensures that your website is always ready to take on future challenges. In addition, it’s a lot easier to optimize your website for search engines and mobile devices when you’re using an open source platform. An assortment of plugins and reporting tools already available for free can help give your website the start it needs to succeed.


Switching to an open source web development platform is quick and easy. Depending on the complexity of your website switching to an open source platform can take anywhere from a few days to up to a month. But once you’ve made the move your business website is for all intents and purposes future proof.