The Online Marketing Trend with the Highest ROI

Influencer marketing – when done right – can deliver the highest return when compared with other forms of online marketing.

In fact, some brands have built multi-million dollar companies by exclusively using influencer marketing.

The problem is the cost of securing the services of a highly desirable social influencer has gone through the roof over the past couple of years. You might not be able to afford to pay someone 5 or 6 figures for a social plug.

That’s why micro-influencers are becoming increasingly popular – that, and they tend to work extremely well at helping you make sales.

To find a micro-influencer with a smaller following, keep a close eye on your niche. Watch to see who seems to have particular sway over their readers. You’re looking for someone with a tribe – people who pay attention to their every word.

The micro-influencer should align well with your brand. Strike up a conversation with them and feel them out.

If you like what you discover, offer to do a deal with them.

It’s even possible you might do a trade, in which no money exchanges hands but you get plenty of new sales.

Then rinse and repeat.

This isn’t about hitting home runs with one big mega-star, it’s about repeatedly hitting singles with a series of micro-stars in your niche.

The results can be amazing.

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