Why is Modular Website Building Important?

Why is Modular Website Building so Important by Scope Design

All businesses need to have a website, but that’s old news. Most people reading this post may already have a website, but we guarantee you that the vast majority of websites are not primed to grow with the business. As a matter of fact, many companies may reach a saturation point because their websites cannot grow to accommodate their clients’ needs. Even e-commerce websites which can grow to encompass millions of products and a database of regularly updated prices because even e-commerce businesses fail to grow at some point. The key to ensuring that your website continues to grow and evolve is to start with a ‘modular website.’


Why is Modular Website Building so Important by Scope Design

What is a modular website?

A modular website as the term suggests, is one where you can add and take out modules to suit how your business changes. However, a modular website needs to have a solid framework, which makes it easy for the company to add modules. A complicated system can not only make adding modules difficult but impede efforts to modernize the website when technology evolves later on. For instance, the old HTML format website is not scalable which means you cannot view it on mobile devices. Businesses that had HTML websites had to invest a great deal to make sure that it was scalable. But the introduction of maybe 4K screens, or foldable screens or perhaps an entirely different format could once again cause problems for business. This is just one example of the challenges business have to keep up with changing technology.

Improving sales and marketing with modular website design

The key to improved sales and marketing over time is to keep the content on your website fresh. However, getting a business website redesigned every year can end up being expensive. The same goes for if you need to fix potential bugs which could be ruining its (website) potential to sell or convert visitors. When you’re using a website with modular design framework, you can remove modules that may be buggy or outdated. Plus, modular websites are easier to update and require very little programming knowledge. All you’re expected to know is how the system works. It is for this reason that many businesses continue to switch over to modular design.

Lowers operational costs

The upfront cost of modular website development may be slightly higher as compared to a regular website, but it ends up helping a company save money. Businesses spend up to 70% less on maintaining and updating their website. Also, a well-designed modular website makes it difficult for hackers and mischief makers to deface or steal data. That said we always recommend that business owners continue to update their modular websites with the latest updates to ensure that it continues to remain secure and stable.

Future proofs an online business

As mentioned above we see new cell phones, smart phones, laptops, computers and operating systems introduced almost every year. So, it’s sensible to ensure that your business website is future proof for the most part. By using a modular design, you can always add a more recent module which gears it up for future technologies. That said the key to future-proofing any business is to think ahead and before your competitors so that you always have an edge.

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