What is Involved in Maintaining a Website?

One of the most overlooked aspects of running a website is its maintenance. While its fine to focus on advertising, and SEO, maintaining a website is just as important if not more. Take for instance the fact that spending money on SEO to pull in organic traffic would be pointless if a few key web pages have a ‘404 error’ or the fonts seem to be irregular for some reason. All the effort you’ve been putting into SEO and advertising would only end up leaving you with disgruntled visitors.



Maintaining a website is about keeping things fresh, working and optimized. It does not take a lot of time, but it does require that you put in a bit of effort every day to check and ensure that everything is working as it should. Below we look at some of the basic tasks involved with maintaining a website.

Run all the updates

Whether you’re running WordPress, Joomla or any other CMS on the backend always make sure to actively update it to the latest version. Updating the backend ensures that your website continues to be stable and secure. It is strongly advised that you run an update at least every month and at times twice a month if there is a critical patch expected.

Regularly backup your website

Even the best hosting services can go down, and the most secure CMSs can get hacked. Maintaining a backup of your website can mean the difference between starting over from scratch which can take forever or simply recovering your files from a backup. Thankfully if you run a content management system maintaining your website is easy in this regard. Simply install a backup plugin which will backup the website each time you update it. If you run an old-school type website with HTML pages and Flash files, then use an FTP program to copy and paste the whole root directory to a folder on your computer.

Manage your reputation

Signup for Google Alerts allows you to monitor your website’s or brand’s name, and content. You’ll almost instantly be notified if someone is talking about you or mentions your brand name or website. Having the ability to monitor what’s being said about your website means that you can jump into the conversation. Also, fix problems which are being discussed or rebuttal them with a satisfactory argument.

The other good thing about Google Alerts is that you can you can see who is linking to pages on your website. It’s also possible to catch the unauthorized use of your content.

Check videos, pictures, and other outbound links

One of the most challenging aspects of maintaining a website is to ensure that everything is fresh. Many times, if you’re linking to a YouTube video, for instance, the URL may change, or the video may be removed. If the video is removed it does not show up on your website which means that either you need to add another video or remove any references to it. The same goes for invalid outbound links and pictures.

Keep the content fresh

People visiting your website always want to see updated content. They want to see what’s new and that’s all they are concerned with. So, it stands to reason that you’ll receive more return visitors to a page or website if it’s regularly updated. Take for instance a sports website that continues to update team stats, and news. Keeping things fresh is one of the keys to running a successful website.

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