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Let’s Turn Your Business Concept Into Reality

And so much more than that!

Let’s Turn Your Business Concept Into Reality

It’s so much more than that!

At Scope Design,

We give you THE BEST website for your business that captures eyes and keeps them there. We’ve gone through the hills and valleys of Website creation to come up with a fool-proof process that gives you EXACTLY what you want for your business. We know you want results. And we have it.

We have curated a process to build the best website for your business.

Together, let’s build a website that puts your business out there. Get started today!

How We Deliver Results the Scope Design Way

At Scope Design, we guarantee that our process will provide the results you deserve to meet your goals. It has ten easy steps: Discovery Lite, Proposal, Getting Started Guide, Discovery, Ideation, Content Creation, Design, Website Development, Go Live, and End of Project. These steps help us create a unique website that best represents your business.


1. Discovery Lite

To start, we have to get to know you and your business. In essence, this is the get-to-know-you part of our process where we discuss your project and business needs.


2. Proposal

The next step is where we pitch our ideas. We examine what we’ve discussed in Discovery Lite and identify strategies to help meet your business goals. Here, we give you an idea of what we’ll do and how long it’ll take us. Worry not; our estimates are usually spot on!


3. Getting Started Guide

You got this one right! This is how we get going with the project. It’s also an intro to the Worksheet that we’ve skillfully created.


4. Discovery

Discovery is where the real magic happens. Using the Worksheet, we ask questions about your business. You fill it out on a private site, or you can answer the questions interview-style. We prefer doing interviews because we can take insights that we don’t get when you do it yourself.

We also believe that asking questions leads to purposeful conversations and helps us identify concepts you might’ve only dreamed of. The majority of our interviews thrive on those ah-ha moments. Ultimately, Discovery is an essential step that helps us go to Ideation.


5. Ideation

Ideation is an internal process where we deliver a few week’s worth of products to you, our fantastic client. This is where we write a brief and present our plans and a sitemap. We also set expectations and adjust plans to meet your desired outcomes.

Ideation provides you a picture of your business’s visual language, visual identity, and consistent marketing. Here, we ensure that we’re 100% onboard.


6. Content Creation

Writing for the web isn’t easy, so we’ve included prompts in the Worksheet to help you. It’s different from composing an email or text, and there are many considerations, including keywords. Also, we ask you to write the first draft, whether or not we hire a writer.

paint palette

7. Design

This stage focuses on the key pages of your website’s outline. It comes in three pages: primary, secondary, and tertiary. The primary page is the home page, while the secondary page is an internal one. Often, tertiary pages aren’t required. But we’ll need it to display specific info on your website.

Moreover, this stage is where we create your website’s heart, the style guide. It’s a part of your website that can be referenced when making other future materials. This helps your materials be consistent.

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8. Website Development

In this step, we dive into four smaller stages that give life to your website. This is where we build your monster-piece, the stage where you can watch as things take shape. Here, we develop your website’s functions, like building a booking calendar. In Website Development, the possibilities are endless.

Not only that but here, we also create your website’s templates. This allows us to display your website on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Lastly, we skillfully assemble your content into your web pages. We present them using the templates in an impactful way.


9. Go Live

Let’s update the IP address, shall we?

the end

10. End of Project

Hooray, we made it to the finish line! This is the last part and your website is ready to go! We did it! 

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Ready to create the BEST-EST website?

This is it. Let’s do it!

Ready to create
the BEST-EST website?

This is it. Let’s do it!

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