Why Having a Design Firm on Retainer Makes Sense for Any Business?

Hiring a design firm has become a thorny affair for many small and medium-sized business owners. It seems as though all the great design firms don’t have the time and your business is left with all the mediocre ones if you’re in a hurry. Most businesses don’t consider the prospect of hiring a design firm or even an individual with provable design skills on retainer. It’s a shame because a retainer can help businesses retain a great company without paying through the nose.

A retainer for all intents and purposes can help a business save time and money, but that’s not the biggest benefit. There are numerous other benefits including the fact that you don’t need to hire a designer and give out a monthly paycheck, health insurance, and sick leaves.

Once you have identified a great web design firm that you’ve previously worked with, don’t hesitate to make them a retainer offer. Below we look at how the retainer can benefit your business in the short and long term.

What types of businesses should have a design firm on retainer?

Usually, a business that requires graphics designs on a regular basis. Online stores, web consultancy services, internet marketers, etc. can all benefit from having a design firm on retainer. The rule of thumb is that if you require six to eight designs if not more on short notice each month on average, then a retainer makes sense. That said always hire a design firm that you’ve worked with before and can trust to deliver on their promise. Maybe use their services for a while before signing a retainer contract.

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Available on short notice

One of the biggest benefits for small and medium sized businesses is that a designer or design firm on retainer is always available. You’ll not be asked to wait because there are other projects underway. Even if there is a waiting period, it will be short and not be because the designer is swamped. So, you’ll end up saving them each time you need something designed or changed on short notice. It will also save you from having to search for another designer.

You end up paying less per design

Designers on a retainer will give you their best prices. So, the chances of you being quoted a premium price even by a well-known artist will be slim. That said always factor in what you pay to retain a designer into the price. May designers are surprisingly flexible with their pricing if they are on a retainer and you’ve proven yourself to be good at timely payments.

You don’t need to worry about the workload

Normally if you hired a designer to handle all the in-house design tasks there is a certain workload that he or she can handle. There is just so much that one person can handle. But if you have a design firm on retainer the workload does not matter. The company will hire and designate people as the workload increase and at no extra cost to you or the business’s bottom line.

Great customer service

In the end you can expect that the design firm will always be highly responsive and will be more than glad to make changes to a design as you requested. It goes without saying you should always do business with a design firm that has offered you a great customer service experience.