Content Creation Tools Meant to Make Your Life Easier

When you read about content being king at first, you’d think that generating content is easy. Who in the world would find it difficult to write maybe one or two blog posts a week? But in reality, once you’re past those first few great ideas you’re in for a rude surprise.

Drafting original, high quality, and engaging content is a lot more challenging even though it’s imperative. The good news is that you’re not the only one having this problem, there are several others, and that has led to the creation of several tools. Below we look at five tools which in our opinion make creating great content easier. It is important to keep in mind the fact that these are just tools and in no way will substitute good old creativity and research both of which are imperative to quality content creation.  

Google Fonts

One of the things that can be challenging even if you’re using a content management system like WordPress is that the fonts are not always the best. At least what may look good to you and on your mobile device may not look good on another. We all know what happens to articles and blogs that have fonts few people can read. Google Fonts is a collection of fonts which range from artistic endeavors to bold typefaces. The fonts are free and incredibly easy to use. A short CSS code snippet or downloading them to your desktop can make finding the right combo of fonts for your next great masterpiece easier. Word2CleanHTML

We all use Microsoft Word to draft our masterpieces, but it can be difficult for web developers to upload especially because of the formatting used by Word. So, what do you do if uploading your article is not as simple as ‘copy’ and ‘paste’? Well, this is where Word2CleanHTML comes in. Just upload your document and it will return a file formatted in HTML. That saves you from maybe hours of putting in ‘header’ and ‘paragraph’ tags.


We have found that infographics are an excellent way of presenting often complex information. However, it’s unfortunate that producing infographics is expensive if you want to do something beyond just those line graphs. If you’re not a huge business and don’t have hundreds of dollars at your disposal, then use ‘Infogram.’ The platform makes coming up with great looking infographics easier, faster, and cheaper. No longer do you need to hire a graphics designer for the task. If anything it makes complex content creation hassle free.


When your website grows, your team needs to grow along with it. It seems as though with every dozen pages you need to add to your website you need one more employee or freelancer. Then there is the coding for the website, pictures and even designs for each article or blog post. Evernote is a tool which makes it very easy for a group of people to collaborate by sharing information which reduces the time it takes to produce compelling content. Plus, all members of the team will feel a lot less frustrated.


Who would have thought that there was a tool to add interactive links to videos and photos? Interactive links are some of the best ways to get a user’s attention, which helps to retain or at first reach a higher Click Through Rate (CTR). ThinkLink is by far the first platform that has made it very easy for just about anyone, even someone who is not a designer or creative to come up with great interactive links. Though not exactly directly related to written content creation it can certainly ensure that your content is read.

Content creation tools that will reduce the stress of creating great content for your website. via @scopedesign

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