More Than That: Choosing the Right Name For Your Domain

You have to choose the right domain for your web. Not only will the business give people a term to come to you, but any domain you choose will influence your search exposure and can do your business or ruin it. You have many market options nowadays, but you still have to follow some of the best practices to produce excellent results.


When thinking about the domain name of your site, treat it as if you are choosing your potential child’s name. This takes a long time to analyze and reflect. It should reflect your future goals and outlook, but it must be concise and understandable at the same time.


It can be quite difficult to come up with an attractive name for your business, especially if you start. Then ensure that your company or brand is known and effectively use our clear tips to help you get started. 


Make it easy to read and write

Wikipedia, CNN, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter share one thing in common, as well as other blogs in the country. It is key to your online performance to use an easy to write and read domain. If you use informal terms or words with several spellings, the users will consider the web challenge. With your potential customers, you should not complicate things. You don’t want them to mistype the domain of your website and then move it to another location. For example, using “Dxb” instead of Dubai.


Using incorporate keywords:

It is not necessary to add a domain name to keywords, but they can play a key role in it, so start utilizing them. Nevertheless, only use those that best describe the name, business or the products and services that you provide. You inform search engines what your platform is all about by doing this. Combine it with a great user interface and high-quality material and Google search results should rank high.


It’s a challenge to find the right domain with the keywords you have not yet taken into account. Attempt to match some terms with your keywords as effectively as you can. Make sure your domain name is also aimed at your guests and your brand post.

Length of domain

As for the length of the domain, the shorter, the better. Probably, the last thing you want is to mistype or misspell it on your guests. Make it short, easy, memorable and keep it within the maximum 12-15 characters recommended.


Choosing the extension for domain

Having your domain stand out from the rest is crucial since it is a big part of your brand. You want to establish your own identity, but you’d like to be careful about your individuality at the same time.

.com is still the best option when it comes to building a long-lasting brand online and selecting your domain extension.


Although many websites exist,.com is still your safest bet. Most people are still not aware of the existence of other top-level domains (TLDs) so they may hesitate to click on your link if it has an unknown extension. .com will make it easier for you and your customers to choose from.

Avoid numbers and special character

The name of your website should be a few words or a phrase together which makes a lot of sense. It’s rather difficult to communicate a domain orally with a number, place, or hyphen.


Not only are hyphens and percentages difficult but they are often underestimated. Others may be puzzled as to whether the number should be written as a numeral or spelled out in the domain name. Many may also miss or put the dash in the wrong place.


It’s best practice to stick with letters from a to z. If your jurisdiction particularly wants these, think on the safe side adding many varieties.

Make it unforgettable and unique

Make it unique, descriptive, and unforgettable if you want your domain name to stick out from the millions listed in there. But don’t neglect to have the advice above added. Suggest a few choices and discuss with your family or friends to get their opinions on which one looks interesting and makes sense.


Always, make sure that your domain is not identical to that of the rival or anybody else. To prevent that, do a bit of research first. It will affect your company and the correct domain name will help build your brand and strengthen its meaning, as well as encourage your community.

Check availability of domain

It is of utmost importance that the domain name you have used is not patented, registered or used by any company. The last thing you want is to be caught up in a messy legal battle that can cost you not only your territory but also your reputation.

Focusing on branding

The face of your company is your territory so make it sound like a brand. Aside from being memorable, unique and catchy, it should be related to the services or products you are offering. Using meaningful words with a mass appeal that can catch the attention of your target audience and pique curiosity.


Choosing a brandable domain name will help to establish your market and reputation online, and drive traffic to your web. It’s also effective with word-of-mouth ads.


Additionally, secure the name; you may want to buy different domain variants, like incomplete versions of your domain. You would want to keep the rivals from publishing the other copies of your domain. It will also guarantee that your clients are sent to the right platform even if they mistyped or pronounced this incorrectly.

Sign with a trustworthy domain registrar

Domain registrars are entities that have a domain name licensed on your behalf. They’ll then grant you complete access to your preferred domain. If you’re searching for a registrar, it’s important to sign up with a reputable and professional company to avoid any future issues with your domain name. When you’ve worked so hard to build the identity of your web, you don’t want to risk your domain.

Act quickly

Many domain names are cheap and are quick to sell. So if you found the perfect one, act swiftly and record it as soon as possible. If you do not have your preferred domain, many registrars will provide you with recommendations for the best domain names.


All these steps are time-consuming and take lots of effort. We all know “Time is money” save your time and effort. Leave everything on professionals. To get the best of everything turn to Scope Design without any ambiguity. We will solve all your issues and will try to get the best domain for you.

We whipped up this quick guide to help you choose the right domain name. Read on because... It's so much more than that! via @scopedesign

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