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The Psychology Behind Business Colors

Most business owners don’t take choosing their business colors very seriously. We’ve seen some owners just pick the colors they like and use it across their logo, website and branding collateral. So, what ends up happening is essentially a game of roulette. Numerous studies have noted over the years that the perception of color changes slightly for each demographic. Women, for instance, prefer a different set of colors compared to men the same goes for people in China versus Americans. It’s important to weed out the pseudo-science associated with choosing a color and base your choice on facts.
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5 Ways Responsive Design Can Improve Customer Experience

One of the worst things that can ever happen is that you start losing customers because of bad website design. Many businesses may be investing thousands of dollars in advertising and marketing their products by assuming that everyone accessing their website is doing so on a regular computer. Some businesses also assume that their websites are compatible with every size and type of screen or device out there, but it’s an assumption that can cost you big time. It goes without saying that if you haven’t started taking advantage of responsive design just yet then you’re losing potential customers already!
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