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How To Bring Your Email Subscribers Back From The DEAD

Have you been building email lists for more than six months? Then you’ve got some ‘dead’ subscribers on your list. They’re not opening your emails. They’re not paying attention to you. Frankly, they don’t even remember who you are. So now you’ve got two choices… …either remove them from your autoresponder… …or win them back. I don’t advocate removing subscribers until you’ve done everything in your power to get them back in your fold, opening your emails and hopefully buying your offers. After all, getting subscribers isn’t all that easy. It takes either work, money or both. So why not put a little effort into winning those subscribers back? Done correctly, it can pay off BIG time. First, we’re going to start off by re-engaging them. If that doesn’t work, we’ll try winning them back. And finally when they act on one of our emails, we’ll send them a welcome back email. Let’s get started:
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5 Ways to Catch Up on Your Business After Vacation

Many entrepreneurs hate taking time off, especially because catching up on everything can be a nightmare on return. That said not taking a vacation can have an adverse effect on your health, relationship and eventually your business. The best way to take a vacation and not have to torture yourself constantly about what will happen when you return is to plan. We will start by getting the obvious out of the way which means that plan for your vacation a month in advance. Don’t just book a hotel, your flight and discuss the itinerary with your wife but organize how things will work up to the time when you leave. So, instead of leaving projects pending make a list and a point to clear all of them prior to leaving. New projects should be scheduled to start after you’ve returned. This way you’ll have the required space you need in between to relax and unwind. Let everyone know your plans Vacationing for entrepreneurs usually, means taking a few calls and replying to emails while soaking in the sun. However, it does not have to be that way if all your clients, coworkers, and customers know that you’re going away for
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Email Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Who writes letters anymore? Almost no one. Who writes emails anymore? EVERYONE! Letter writing might have entered the Dinosaur Era, but the power of Emails still prevails. Here’s why you should consider developing email marketing strategies for small businesses. If you have a small business, you can benefit a lot through email marketing. A recent study by the Direct Marketing Association has found that email marketing ensures the highest ROIs. For every $60 investment made via this platform, there’s a $2 earning!
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