In recent times, there have been serious arguments about the business man and the entrepreneur. While most people say there are no differences between the two, others say there’s a huge difference between them. In this article, I’m going to explain further on the differences between a business man and an entrepreneur.

One word that has been used more often today is “entrepreneur”. With the fast rising of the internet daily, and the world becoming digital each passing day, it has become more possible and much easier for people to come up with ideas to aid them establish successful businesses. Although there are similarities between them, I mean they create job, provide services and products, and manage companies but there is still no doubt that there is a huge difference between the both of them. A business man creates his place in the market, putting in extra efforts and dedication, meanwhile, an entrepreneur creates a place for his own market, while the business man is a market player, the entrepreneur is a market leader because he is the first person to start that kind of organization.


1. THE ELEMENT OF RISK: A business man already has profit, he has his ways around the business, he knows about the do’s and don’ts, and is only in that line of business to make just profit. Unlike the entrepreneurs, their man aim is not just to make profit but to affect the world with their mind blowing ideas, they are concerned about the welfare of their workers and the growth of their businesses. An entrepreneur would rather not involve himself in taking a very high risk, meanwhile a business man wouldn’t hesitate to do it as long as it fetches him more profit. In most cases, the business man has less or even nothing to loose.

2. WHAT SUCCESS IS TO THEM: A business man most times, defines success in terms of how much he has gained and how well his shareholders are doing. To them, the more money they earn, the more investments they get and the more richer they become. An entrepreneur on the other hand, try to avoid defining success, instead they go on with their jobs and let the society decide for them if they are successful. An entrepreneur would rather not spend his time thinking about whether he is successful or not, but would prefer to use that time to think about new ideas and how to grow his start-ups.

3. HOW THEY VIEW THE WORLD: A business man sees the world generally as a great opportunity to turn over a profit and earn a good living. A business man would do anything in his power to ensure the growth of his business regardless of the welfare of others, the society, and the impact his decision would leave in the lives of the people. An entrepreneur on the other hand sees the world as an avenue to do some good while making a living at the same time. Their start-ups are most times dedicated to the greater good of the society.

5. WHAT THE PURPOSE OF THEIR WORK IS: Almost all business men do business in other to make profit, get a means of livelihood and also to make a name for themselves in the society. While there are some very rare businessmen who are not all about the profit, but like I said they are rare. An entrepreneur is more concerned about doing what they enjoy doing for a living, doing good for the world and also live comfortably while doing it. Entrepreneurs generally go into a line of business based on their passion for it, rather for profits and exploitation of the people.

At the end of all these you would realize that both the business man and the entrepreneur are basically doing the same thing, running an organization that is profitable, just that they have different motives in their various lines of businesses. While the business man is profit-oriented, the entrepreneur does what he does because he has passion for it, to them its not all about the money. That is why you find entrepreneurs very happy about what they do and how their day at work went, whereas most business men may not feel the same way.