Biggest Graphic Design Trends For 2019

The age of digital art has been extraordinary in terms of graphics design trends in the year 2019. They sometimes disappear and then come back bigger and better. Nonetheless, some inclinations hold positions for a very long time. This means that we are allowed to talk about their relative permanence and the demands between both designers and users. Imagine describing the recent graphic design trends of 2019 only with a few words, then they can be referred to as an antidote for boredom, and in one word, its impressive. Most times, the experiments being carried out for modern designers may seem crazy, but the rate at which it becomes popular is an obvious fact that it is being recognized by experts and the end users.

Listed below are the best graphic design trends for the year, greater than that of the past years.


Everyone should have noticed by now that the world of design is now very colorful. There are now new colors that are replacing the normal colors that we all knew about in the past, a whole lot of brand and designers have added vivid colors to their collection. Colors like bright corals, electric yellow and vivid blue, lighter hues and they catch the attention of people. Vivid colors has made its way in becoming a part of Apple products main creative and brand strategy, this color looks so amazing on their new device screens.


Over the years, we have all seen bold fonts and right now, we all know it is a normal thing nothing new, nothing different. But this year, the Bold fonts has become a main focal point in a whole lot of graphics, this bold font is very great for an athletic display and also fits very well with vivid color. It makes it very easy and faster to read texts on social media and also on your mobile devices, it is also known for its strength, individuality and modernization.


You should have seen that most large companies and establishments now adds light and dark modes to their application. A perfect example is Apple recently adding a dark mode for all their Macs, facebook just included a dark mode to its messanger platform, and also twitter. Isn’t it amazing that the biggest companies in the world are now embracing this dual app design trend.


Minimalist design only makes use of black text and white background. This year, some complicated graphic design trends are going to be joined together with traditional minimalism to create a new type, which is going to be very eye-catching, its like a combination of too dull and too complex. One of which is going to be controlled by color and creativity, rather than plainness and conformity.

Graphic design is an area whereby most dissimilar trends cohabit. The prosperous application in a particular project depends solely on the skills of the designer.

Biggest Graphic Design Trends For 2019 via @scopedesign

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