Benefits of Having Great UI/UX for your Website

You walk into a firm.

The receptionist and the ambience of the environment welcomes you so much you think to yourself, “This is a nice firm”.

The “receptionist” and the “ambience” are your first impression of the firm and they are your website!

You are solely in charge of owning a website that web users would be happy to come back to every time. Your User Interface/User Experience can therefore not be overemphasized.

“Hold on a second” we can hear you say, what do you mean by UI/UX?

Alright, here you go;

User Interface (UI) is the look and feel you get and the interactions involved when you use a product (in this case, when your website is being used).

User Experience (UX) has to do with the user’s satisfaction and pleasure gotten while using the product.

Here are some of the benefits of having these 2 factors in excellent condition;

1. You Have Readable Content
Users are happy to be on a website that doesn’t make it difficult to read and find keywords.

2. Your Font size is also a huge factor. People easily get bored and may likely click away from the website(and never come back) if they have problems reading what is expressed as a result of the complex font used, so watch it!

Did you know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) always ranks websites with the above qualities much higher than all the others? Now, because you’re in this category, your website will be ranked higher for searches related to what you’re about.

3. You Have Simplified the Hassles of Searching Online

Your users are able to easily access content they have need of.

Your content is so well organized that users can’t help but feel at home browsing through your content like they would on their social Apps(Instagram/twitter).

4. You Have Great Interaction With Your Web Users

Since your “Comments” box and “Like” button are very active, you’re bound to have a lot of interactions on your website. These “interactions” are feedback which can be converted into more content and sales (depending on what purpose the website serves).

5. You Have Made It Easy to Navigate
Landing on your website should be quite a memorable experience for every user( in any category).

The fact that you have multiple pages on your website is reason enough for people to be able to manoeuvre to see all the content you have ready for them to consume. Let’s not forget the joys of fast loading speed and swipes. Incomparable!

With the thousands of websites begging to be opened every second, yours will at least make it to the top of the easily navigable ones.

You can’t ever let those Ads keep popping up every second and covering up valuable content!

You Communicate A Clear Objective

A user is able to understand exactly what your website is about and respond to any Call to Action included because the message is explicitly shared through your content and the User Interface does not stand in the way of that.

6. You Have Considered Smaller Screen Search

You’ve successfully been able to condense the interface to work really well for Smartphones as they would for a MacBook.

Everyone loves convenience and great UI presentation gives users exactly that in return for some quality time on your website. It’s a Win-win situation.

Now, the BIG question is, can you really say you’ve got excellent UI/UX on your website? If you don’t, we’d be glad to check it out.