In our technological world, computer science to be specific, artificial intelligence is sometimes called machine intelligence, it can simply be defined as an intelligence that is being demonstrated by machines, which is most times very different from the natural intelligence which is being displayed by normal human beings. It basically emphasizes on the creation of intelligent machines that works and acts in form of an human. Some of the activities that computers with artificial intelligence are specifically designed for includes;

1. speech recognition
2. learning
3. planning
4. problem solving
6. perception
7. ability to manipulate and move objects
8. knowledge

Artificial intelligence [AI] basically aims at creating intelligent machines that does literally everything a human being does, and it has become a very essential part of the technology industry. We carried out a research and found out that the artificial intelligence is highly technical and specialized. Machines can most times act and react like humans but this is possible only if it has sufficient information that is related to the world. Machine learning on the other hand is also an important part of AI. Learning and understanding without any kind of supervision requires the ability to be able to spot the patterns in streams of inputs, whereas, while learning under adequate supervision, it involves the classification and numerical regressions. The perception of the machine also deals with the capability for one to use the sensory objects to deduce the several aspects of the world, while the computer vision has the power to analyze and transform the inputs with a few sub-problems some of which includes facial, object and gesture recognition.

Robotics can also be identified as one of the major fields that is related to AI. Robots requires intelligence and a level of cleverness to be able to handle tasks such as the manipulation of objects and its navigation process, alongside the problem of localization, the planning of motion and mapping.

In our world today, artificial intelligence is widely discussed amongst different people, in different parts of the world, this shows its level of popularity, especially amongst the technology and business circles. So many experts argues that the AI or machine learning is the future, while most people criticizes the idea and says that it is not just the future but instead it is the present. We have advanced in our technology sector, and we are all connected in one way or the other, it could be Siri, Alexa, or Watson. Although the technology is at its starting point, we cannot deny the fact that more companies is now investing their resources in machine learning, this indicates an inflation in AI products and apps in the nearest future. And statistics has shown that within the past few years a whole lot of funds has been invested in AI startups. Unlike other peoples views, AI is not just limited to the technology industry or IT, instead, it is being used in other fields such as medical, business, law, education and manufacturing.

Listed below are 5 very intelligent AI solutions that is in use in our todays world, and it shows marketing machine learning as a present day thing and not necessarily waiting on the future;

1. SIRI; Siri has been said to be one of the most popular PA which is being offered by Apple in our Iphones and Ipads. The very friendly female voice-activated assistant converses with the user on a daily basis. She assists us in different ways; in finding information, get directions, send messages, open applications and even helps to set reminders. It makes use of machine learning technology in order to understand all natural languages.

2. NETFLIX; We don’t need to emphasize more on this because it is a widely used content on demand service which makes use of the predictive technology to give its consumers satisfaction. The technology examine from a number of records to recommend interesting movies based on your previous likings. It is becoming more intelligent as the day passes by, but its only disadvantage is that it ignores small movies and focuses on big films.

3. PANDORA; Pandora is one of the most popular and sort after tech solutions that exists. It can also be called the DNA of music. The system is very good at recommending songs just as Netflix recommends movies.

4. TESLA; Not just smartphones but automobiles is also shifting toward the AI tech. Tesla is something that you are missing big time if you are a car lover. It is one of the best automobiles that is available recently, although it hasn’t received many accolades that it is supposed to, the car has great features such as self driving predictive capabilities and different technological innovations. If you are a car lover and you’ve always dreamt of owning one of the cars seen in Hollywood movies, then tesla is what you need in your garage.

5. FLYING DRONES; The flying drones although its still running some test run work perfectly well. They show a very powerful machine learning system that is able to translate your environment into a 3D model through various sensors and video cameras. These sensors and cameras has the ability to notice the position of the drones in the room by attaching them to the ceiling. With the use of a wi-fi system, the drones can be controlled and they are being used for specific reasons such as; product delivery, news reporting or video recording.

Some 3rd world countries hasn’t been able to come to the realization that we can make use of these artificial intelligence, due to underdevelopment and uncivilization. And until they begin to accept the fact that this [AI] is the future and even the present then they would keep on wallowing in shallowness. They have to be aware that Artificial intelligence is gaining more popularity than we even thought and that it has influenced the way we live, converse and helps to improve our customers experience.