We’re Here to Help Your Business from Losing Thousands of Dollars in Lawsuits! Scope Design Lets You Build an ‘ADA Compliant Website and Web Content.

This is your first step into the $650B per year ‘Untapped Disability Market.’

ADA Compliant Website Checker


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There are instances when things go unnoticed in your business. But, there are laws and guidelines that you should never ignore. Scope Design knows thousands of website owners are being sued for something that they should be aware of.

That something is the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA. The act stated that all businesses should accommodate people with disabilities. This includes your entire website.
Deaf people
Persons in need to navigate by voice
Blind people
Screen readers
Persons in need of assistive technologies

That is why your website should have:

Text to speech option
Alt for images
Zoom option

How the ADA Targeted Businesses and Why Your Business Could Be Next

There has been a surge in website owners getting lawsuits because of non-compliance with the ADA.

In New York City, there were more than 1700 legal cases related to non-compliances cases in the year 2020. Around 10,000+ websites were sued that same year because their website did not comply with the ADA. It is then expected that it will multiply by the end of 2021.

You should also note that, unlike GDPR, the ADA wastes no time to send a notice before you’re being sued for non-compliance.

The Benefits of Having Your Website
and Web Content ADA Compliant

Having an ADA-compliant website is suitable for your business in the long run. Here are several benefits you should check out:

You Can Avoid Those Out of Pocket Lawsuits That Can Ruin Your Business

Works Well With SEO and
Your Rank Will Go Higher
Get Access to the
Multibillion-Dollar Disability Market

These benefits will lead your business to a higher rate of success. No need to worry about getting sued because of an unnoticed action! Scope Design is your pal to address this web and digital market concerns.

Having an ADA Compliant website is excellent for SEO since your website is now more accessible. An accessible website will rank higher since it caters to everyone and is deemed accessible to all.

And, of course, disabled people use the internet as well. If your website is not ADA compliant, you’re already missing out on potential customers who can’t use your website. Use our ADA compliant website checker to check your site and decide the best course.

How to Make Your Website and Web Content ADA Compliant the Scope Design Way

How to Make Your
Website and Web Content
ADA Compliant the
Scope Design Way

Setting your a website that complies with the ADA can be challenging. But you have to go through every detail just to be sure. It might take you months to go through every page, file, audio, video, and more for you to not miss anything. You also have to be trained, make a policy page, statement, and appoint an accessibility coordinator.

You’re not excluded from this act whether you’re a small business owner, online marketer, or site owner. So have your site checked now!

But, worry not! Scope Design is here to help you set up the perfect ADA Compliant website where no traces of non-compliance will be found.

Scope Design got the right tools, skills and experience to do it for you. We also saved business owners and site owners from getting lawsuits delivered to them. We’re honored to help you out too!

We Offer Free Website Review for ADA Compliance.

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