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And so much more than that!


At Scope Design,

We have made it very easy for people to engage with us. As a matter of fact, our years of experience ensures that there is absolutely no back and forth during the process.

Once we understand what you want, you will get exactly what is needed in the stipulated time period. This saves you time and effort regardless of what type of business graphics you require.



The initial discussion

The very first step for us is to find out about your business. As creative people, knowing about your business can help us come up with a design that best reflects what you’re all about. We call this the “Discovery Meeting.”

Our goal with the discovery meeting is to determine what you do, what your budget is, who your target audience is and discover how we can best cater to your needs. This meeting can be arranged over the phone or via Skype.



The design process

Once we know what you’re all about, the next phase is to start designing.

However, before we do, our team starts out with a brainstorming session. We brainstorm ideas and finalize the tone, style and overall feeling of the graphics we are about to design.

Once that’s done, we start the original design process. This can take anywhere from a few days to a week depending on what we are working on.


The delivery

We always deliver on our commitment. However, we are also open to revision requests by our clients. That said, in the vast majority of cases our clients are always more than happy with the final design, since it has already been passed through a battery of criticism and revisions. So, you can be assured of outstanding quality whether it is your logo, business card or website.


Find out more or arrange for a Discovery meeting today!

so much more than that!


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