About Scope Design

At Scope Design, we believe in delivering results. That often means that we need to remain constantly updated with the latest technologies and design methodologies. It also means that we need to remain at the cutting edge of creativity, which is why we are constantly learning and teaching as part of our business. So, we are by no means your ordinary graphic design, web development firm.

Our goal with every project for every client is to deliver concepts that take their business ideas to a whole new level. So, whether it is designing branding graphics, to corporate identities, marketing collateral, or web design, every bit you see is well thought out, and it’s a final product which is a source of pride for the company.

Humble beginnings

Scope Design began over a decade ago when we decided to pool our experience as graphic designers, web developers, marketers to provide small and medium sized businesses with the best bang for their buck. We came up with the idea after seeing that small businesses and many medium-sized ones too had to settle for unprofessional logos, awful web design and even worse marketing collateral because of their limited budget. Often times low budget businesses would hire designers who have no concept of coming up with graphics that are marketable, memorable and brandable. This is when we decided to step in and have never looked back ever since.

Today, we are an innovative and rapidly growing design, development, marketing firm with expertise that ranges from graphic design, web development, to branding and social marketing. Our job is to produce business centric solutions that are out of the box and effective.

The big city smarts without the big price!


Delivering Results

We believe in delivering results that take businesses to a whole new level. We care more about what’s in your pocket not on your wall.


We take your complex ideas and create a simplistic design easily digestible by all users.

Stunning Web Design

We use vivid colors, imagery and fitting typography to create dazzling and eye-catching designs. Web Design, Print Design, …

The Team

Some of our team has worked for the largest advertising firms in North America. So, we understand what it requires to create images that sell! We are small, yet agile and brilliant. So, businesses benefit from our big city experience without the added price. We cater to businesses of just about any size and type.

Happy Clients

You will be happy. We promise to deliver above and beyond your expectations and work harder for you than anyone else will! Take for example our work with…

You are awesome!! Thanks!

Donna Rosende
Chamart Exclusives

They are quick to respond to our needs and they explain things to us so well that we have had them train our staff to do a great deal of update work in-house.

Paul Rossi

D3 never looked so good!!

Dave Clark Foundation

Thanks Greg. It looks great.

Angelica Feuer
Feuer Nursing Review

I feel very confident that you were on top of it. You're always very responsive to our issues and questions. I'm very thankful for that!


I love you all!!
No Really!

Lea Cullen

As a first time author you learn as you go and one of the things I learned is the importance of the book cover it has to be an immediate attention grabber that motivates a person to buy the book. My first cover self-designed missed the mark, lesson learned ask Greg Breen of Scope Design for help! Sales begin to take off see for yourself.

Jim Cendoma

Thank you Greg. Everything is exactly how I wanted it. Your work is excellent and quick. I appreciate your attention to details. Please send me a bill and I will get it paid right away.

Judy Graves

Wow…I love my new site by Scope Design!…... I love the movement of it, the color, the feelings around it, and the professional, yet personal look. It truly reflects who I am as a person, and what I bring to my clients. I have been getting a lot of positive feedback- particularly around the idea that it is so indicative of my professional and personal essence. The suggestions Greg gave really made the difference in terms of quotes, testimonials, thumbnails, etc., and the process was organized and efficient. I know this new site will make a big difference in how I am seen in the world, and will attract exactly the right clients to me.

Thanks again Greg!

Katherine Poehnert, M.Ed. Psych., PCC
Executive Coach and Trainer, InSight Services Leadership

"your awesomeness is apparent . . .when you're a finalist in a design competition!!!

I entered our site with your name / company as designer / developer into a design competition - and we're a finalist!! They'll announce the winner next week, but really, I'm happy no matter what.

Good job, Greg - you're so good at what you do."

Jessica Pac

So thankful I was recommended to Greg for IT support. Everything that I have needed has been handled in warp speed! Superb customer service, excellent work, trustworthy, consistent and reliable. I especially value his ability to look beyond the scope of what you ask. I only wish that I had found him sooner! I highly recommend Greg and Scope Design.

Sherri Gold

The time to make a great first impression right now

Thanks to reduced attention spans on the internet, businesses and especially smaller ones with a limited budget need to instantly click with visitors. We can make that happen with punchy and brandable graphics that takes your business to a whole new level. This delivers a positive impact on your business as a whole.

We are eager to start working on your graphics today! So get in touch…