8 Very Important Apps for a Graphics Designer


Great graphics content is everything these days so being able to do it “on-the-go” is also really important.

If you’re already a designer, this article is worth your read.

If you’re thinking of starting a career/ enhancing a hobby in basic designs, this is the kind of content you need to steer you in the right path.

Let’s get right to these Apps!

1. Pixlr:

This is an app you’ll definitely enjoy with it’s extensive effects like Overlays and borders. It allows you to edit photos (including resizing and cropping) and templates for almost all categories of graphics.

The packages are split into three; Pixlr Editor, Pixlr X and Pixlr Pro.

For better effects, use the paid version.

2. Canva:

You’ve probably heard of this one, judging from the number of people who have it downloaded already.

It’s relatively easy to use and it doesn’t matter whether you have a foundation in graphics design or not.

It is specifically for social media graphics and can also be used for deck creation purposes.

Reviews of this App particularly mention the aptness of the “Drag and drop feature”.
With tons and tons of templates to make a choice from, you may even customize text in your desired fonts.

Using the paid version affords you access to every template and it’s way cooler.

If you’re a beginner, download this application as fast as you possibly can.

3. Google Drawings:

Just exactly what the name implies; “Drawing on Google”.

To get started, you need a Google account. Starting from a Google Document, make sure the Extension is installed.

You can produce a fairly decent Diagramming PNG and edit photos expertly on this free web-based software.

However, we’ll have to warn you that it is mindtasking to use.

4. Adobe Spark:

This App is particularly known for Android, but we can assure you its simple to utilize.

You may design websites without the help of anyone apart from yourself.

You get access to pre-sized social templates,posters, web pages, video options and your custom design materials like certain snaps and videos.

It’s capable of photo collages. So much power and simplicity combined in one Application.

5. Snappa:

We refer to it as “Another Canva”.The interface is very relatable for beginners too.

Helps to design with speed and accuracy and encourages an easy learning curve.

It has a FREE and Paid Version also but we advice that you upgrade to Paid as it gives you unrestricted resources to design what you have already created in your mind.

When connected to a tool like Buffer, your end product could be scheduled for social media posting without any stress.

6. Desygner:

Desygner is a web-based design App with extreme mobile functionality.

There is an emphasis on moving away from just “pinching and dragging” elements.

If you’re using the FREE version, you are restricted to a certain category of features and templates so we’d advice you to use a PAID version.

7. Enlight:

This is a special App with a knack for editing photos to look like a pure work of art.

This instantly takes the pressure of using Photoshop.

With this App, you may mix desired photos, reshape some elements , throw in some gradient and great backgrounds without stressing.

You could become a pro in a giffy!

8. Visme:

If you’re going to be creating excellent infographics, this is the App for you.

You may customize copy and fonts like Canva and touch up your content a little.

With this App, you can tell great stories and provide eye-catching imagery during presentations.

You may decide to download all the Apps or just a few of them. What matters most is you are on your way to becoming a better graphics designer!