7 Crucial Marketing Pieces

If you are planning to launch an offer online, then this post is definitely worth a read.

I will reveal to you today the seven crucial marketing pieces that your product or service cannot miss. Checking each piece before your actual launch will help you get a smooth sailing launch and, of course, a skyrocket in sales.

But first, what do I mean by marketing piece?

These are materials that you use intending to promote your product or service. There are a lot of ways to do this, so I narrowed it down to the seven most effective.

7 Marketing Pieces Your Business Can’t-Miss

  1. A clear message that fascinates

Your audience will judge your offer because of two things:

  • Based on what they see
  • And based on what they READ

That’s why having a concise piece of copy is essential…words that will grab your market by the throat and compels them to finish reading your message. In one of my previous blogs, I discussed the five most effective copywriting formulas that are proven to convert that you might want to take a good look at.

  1. A website that works

Your website will be the key to creating and boosting your online presence. This is a collection of web pages that is accessible to the public with the purpose of spreading awareness, information, or promotion.

The ten elements of a good website are:

✔  Welcome and Menu Bar

✔  Header

✔  Proof

✔  The Process

✔  Welcome Video

✔  Explanation

✔  Testimonials

✔  The “How Much”

✔  Price

✔  The Footer

  1. Content that will build your audience

Content is an online creation that doesn’t directly promote your product. The main objective of creating content is to stimulate the interest of its readers. It can be in the form of

✔  Videos

✔  Infographics

✔  Podcasts

✔  Blog Content

✔  Social Media

  1. A free resource to attract leads

Other marketers call this an “ethical bribe” or a “lead magnet.”  This is a resource that you provide to your leads for them to sign up and give their contact details.

An ethical bribe can be in the form of

✔  A webinar

✔  Ebook

✔  Video tutorial or a mini course

✔  A checklist

✔  Templates

✔  An automated or real-world evaluation

✔  Or anything that you can hand out for free that is related to your offer

  1. An automated email campaign

This is the email sequence that your prospects will receive after they sign up through your lead magnet. This specific series of emails is also called the “welcome email sequence.”

The main purpose of these emails is for your leads to know, like, and trust you and your brand. Each electronic mail could contain

✔  Tips related to what they signed up for

✔  Your back story

✔  The success stories of your current clients

✔  Features and benefits of your offer

✔  What will it cost them if they didn’t avail of your products/services

✔  And other things that could make your audience interested based on your market research

  1. A sales letter that will convert quality leads into paying customers

A sales letter is a mail that you show your prospects for them to finally be one of your clients. This can be in a short or a long form (you can test both to get the best results).

This is where you will showcase the “unique mechanism” of your product or service and address the objections that are going inside your reader’s mind.

  1. Testimonials

I know that I’ve already mentioned this as a part of your website, but testimonials are as crucial as the first six items that I’ve discussed. The more you have these recommendations, the better. 

Have a rundown of your customer’s best success stories within your emails or your ethical bribes, and you’ll be on your prospect’s top of mind.


This digital age or information age granted us a great opportunity to boost our ventures on a worldwide scale. Make the most out of these seven marketing pieces to ensure the success of your every campaign!

What is your best takeaway from this post? Let me know in the comments section below.

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