5 Ways Responsive Design Can Improve Customer Experience

Five Ways Responsive Design Can Improve Customer Experience by Scope Design

One of the worst things that can ever happen is that you start losing customers because of bad website design. Many businesses may be investing thousands of dollars in advertising and marketing their products by assuming that everyone accessing their website is doing so on a regular computer. Some businesses also assume that their websites are compatible with every size and type of screen or device out there, but it’s an assumption that can cost you big time. It goes without saying that if you haven’t started taking advantage of responsive design just yet then you’re losing potential customers already!


Five Ways Responsive Design Can Improve Customer Experience by Scope Design


It’s all about consistency of design and message

Whether you’re selling products or services as a business, the point is to deliver a consistent message to your entire target audience. The consistent message includes images, design language, and copy. However, if your website is not responsive, the message will be incomplete and hard to understand when the website is accessed on devices it’s not compatible with. Take for instance the fact that a regular HTML website, when accessed via the Safari browser on an iPhone, will appear poorly designed. The content will be unreadable and so the money you’ve spent on attracting that visitor / potential client is wasted. You’re also sending a subconscious message to the person accessing the website that you’re not serious about doing business.

Responsive design translates to customer loyalty

Over the years one of the most common complaints we’ve heard from buyers of certain brands is that they can’t order the stuff they want from their mobile device. Not being able to place an order or chat with the company means that customers just move on over to another service that uses responsive design.  If your website is not responsive and readily available on every device currently available, then you’ll not have loyal customers. An internet only business needs to understand that consistency translates to loyalty!

Responsive design improves conversions significantly

Many young people access the internet via their tablet PCs and iPhones. So, if your website is responsive, it can be easily accessed on these devices which means that you’ll automatically see an increase in conversions. Since your advertising and marketing messages are being sent to all devices, it only makes senses that your website is tailored accordingly too.

A responsive website is a lot easier to optimize

It goes without saying that all businesses can benefit from good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and a responsive website makes it a dash easier. The consistency makes it easier for users to find you online via popular search engines without having to delve into multiple or conflicting results. You can also streamline your SEO efforts without having to think about running multiple campaigns for each device. As an added plus mega search engines like Google always prefer to rank websites that are responsive and ones on which people will have a good experience.

Responsive design can improve offline experience

It may seem strange as to why you’d want to improve a customer’s offline experience but with HTML5 you can show the information you want customers to see when they are offline. So, you continue to deliver the same message and layout of your website regardless of if a user is connected or not!



Responsive design has been around for a while and with giants like Google pushing for businesses to implement it, there is no reason to hold back. If your website is not responsive, it’s time to invest a bit to make sure it is!

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