5 Ways to Prepare for Working with A Web Design Company

It’s no secret that many businesses start with websites that we’d best describe as being less than ideal. However, as the website starts gaining momentum the business owner thinks about putting in some money to improve the look and feel. Some business people may even want the website to have more features and work less as a static banner and more as an active engagement tool. That said commissioning a website design even if you hire the best web design company is not an easy job.

One of the biggest challenges for business owners is to get their ideas and what they want across to the designers. Since web design professionals and business people speak different languages getting even an easy point across can be a challenge. But with some homework under your belt getting across to a web design company can be easier.

Make a list of what you want

Knowing what you want and then sticking with it means that the web design service understands the direction you’re headed in. So, the first step to is to make a list, for instance, list the colors you want to be used, what types of designs you’re leaning in favor of with links, pictures you want on your website, etc. The more detailed your list is, the easier it will be for the web design company to figure out what you want and come up with something accordingly.

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Interestingly your list should also include what you don’t want. So, for instance, if you don’t want the website to be more than ten pages in size make sure it’s on your list.

Organize all your images

All corporate websites and even e-commerce websites will be dotted with pictures of employees, the company’s headquarters and the CEO amongst many others. However, don’t wait for the last moment to start searching for images. Organize all your images in advance, even before you hire a web design company. Then if there are images that are missing or ones that are not good enough you can arrange for them to be taken. Also, make sure that all images are of the highest resolution possible so that the designer can crop and resize them as required without loss of quality.

Prepare yourself for collaboration

Once you have everything ready to approach a web design company how you approach them is crucial. Many people don’t realize how much direction they need to give a web design business to start with, so the rule of thumb is to provide as much as you can. The biggest mistake you can make is to assume that you can just call a web designer and ask them to give you something in two weeks. In reality, it is a process from the very first meeting to finalizing the design. But if you have the list we asked you to prepare in place this can become a lot less time consuming for you and a lot easier for the designer to come up with something you like.

Familiarize yourself with basic design lingo

Familiarizing yourself with the basic web design lingo is pretty simple. Just Google and you should find a whole is list of common terms web designers use. Knowing the lingo will make it easier to understand what the web design service is saying and help you articulate your requests via email or through their online portal.

Decide to hire three months in advance

A great web design company cannot create a website in just two weeks. It takes time, and there is constant back and forth. On average it can take a month to design a website, then another month to upload, test, and fine tune everything depending on the scope of the project. It is for this reason that we strongly advise that you give yourself enough time to compensate for issues such as holidays, miscommunication, payment delays and even possible disputes.