5 Ways to Catch Up on Your Business After Vacation

Many entrepreneurs hate taking time off, especially because catching up on everything can be a nightmare on return. That said not taking a vacation can have an adverse effect on your health, relationship and eventually your business. The best way to take a vacation and not have to torture yourself constantly about what will happen when you return is to plan.

We will start by getting the obvious out of the way which means that plan for your vacation a month in advance. Don’t just book a hotel, your flight and discuss the itinerary with your wife but organize how things will work up to the time when you leave. So, instead of leaving projects pending make a list and a point to clear all of them prior to leaving. New projects should be scheduled to start after you’ve returned. This way you’ll have the required space you need in between to relax and unwind.

Let everyone know your plans

Vacationing for entrepreneurs usually, means taking a few calls and replying to emails while soaking in the sun. However, it does not have to be that way if all your clients, coworkers, and customers know that you’re going away for a while. You should also set your email responder and voicemail to play a recording which informs callers of when you’ll be back. So, the idea is to make sure that everyone is in the know.

Get a list of tasks drafted while you’re away

Ask a co-worker, secretary or even hire someone on an ad hoc basis to make a list of everything which will need your urgent attention as soon as you return. Organize that list on a matter of priority so that you can start with the most critical and work your way down to the least when you return. Also, knowing that there is someone whose handling this for you will make vacationing a lot less stressful.

Catch up with the industry

As soon as you’re back take an hour a day to catch up on the industry. The way things stand today it’s pretty obviously that a lot will change during the time you’re away. Some businesses may experience a larger and much more rapid change than others. However, it’s always a good idea to get up to speed on everything with the industry as soon as you return.

Some entrepreneurs vacation with a laptop or a smartphone which they use to continue to remain updated with the latest trends in their industry. It may be a good idea if your significant other is not offended by your constant lack of attention towards them.

Call all your most important clients first

This is something that’s pretty obvious but entrepreneurs tend to overlook after a vacation. Your clients are very important so make sure that they know you’re back. A courtesy call to let them know that you’re back could also turn out to be good in the way of getting some work from them too. However, try not to push a sale just yet.

You could put in an extra hour each day

If you’ve got a lot to catch up to then probably leave at six instead at five. The extra time can work out to be five hours extra per week. So, before you know it your business has made up for lost time. Though you could put in more hours but it can end up causing a burn out which is something you tried avoiding by going on a vacation in the first place.