5 Reasons to Keep Your WordPress Plugins Up to Date

5 Reasons to Keep Your Wordpress Plugins Up to Date by Scope Design

WordPress is by far one of the most popular content management platforms in the world. An open source platform supported by thousands of developers has led to free plugins, and regular updates to the platform itself. Making it one of the fastest evolving content management systems. The ever-evolving factor makes WordPress one of the most efficient and stable platforms for businesses and individuals alike. However, the fact that it’s evolving means that you need to constantly keep the platform and installed plugins up to date. Not being able to keep your WordPress site and its plugins up to date could mean the difference between actually doing business or ending up being hacked or worse your customers having a bad experience.

5 Reasons to Keep Your WordPress Plugins Up to Date by Scope Design

If you have not updated your WordPress website for a while below are a couple of reasons which should motivate you. That said if you don’t have enough time to keep the platform updated it’s always a good idea to hire a professional. A professional can ensure that your website and installed plugins are all up to date while you focus on doing business!

You get improved features and options

One of the main reasons to keep the core WordPress platform up to date is because it keeps getting better. Each update brings about new features, improvements, and bug fixes. The more enhancements are added the better your WordPress website becomes. Not to mention the fact that WordPress is constantly being updated for the latest devices. We have heard rumors that a WordPress update will bring about support for VR (Virtual Reality).

WordPress websites becomes faster

One of the key improvements with incremental updates almost every few months is the speed of your website. WordPress websites have become 70% faster over the past four years alone which is one reason to upgrade if you’re still stuck on version 4 or 5. Also, Google loves websites that are mobile friendly and load faster, so you’ll be getting lots of SEO benefits too.

Your business is ready for changes in the industry

The online business landscape is quickly evolving. What’s seen as relevant today become irrelevant a few months later and outdated next year. When you continue to update a WordPress platform by adding pages, running updates for all plugins and ensuring your design keeps up with all the updates to the core platform you’re already ahead of your competitors. Subsequently, the website becomes more accessible and helpful to visitors.

WordPress plugin updates keep your website secure

Your website’s security means a lot to your customers. People only trust websites which have not been hacked or those who have over the years proven to be secure. The only way to ensure that your website is secure is to make sure that it’s regularly updated. Hackers often use glitches and bugs in older versions of WordPress plugins to gain access to private information and even deface websites. So, if your WordPress plugins are not updated, there is a good chance you’re going to have a problem sooner or later.

WordPress plugins become easier to use and more efficient

Plugins such as ‘All-in-Online-SEO Pack’ have over the years become simpler and much more effective. The latest version of this plugin along with others despite being free are regularly updated. So, if ranking high in SERPs (Search Engine Results) is a priority along with making it easier to maintain your website then make sure to keep your plugins up to date.


While keeping all WordPress, plugins updated is a top priority many business people don’t have the time. But just as you wouldn’t change your own oil it’s always a good idea to hire a professional to run WordPress Update Packages and sort out any glitches with your website on a regular basis. When you have a professional handling it, you can continue focusing on business as usual.

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