5 Disasters Waiting To Happen With Your Website

Even though technology has evolved to the point where almost anyone who wants to can set up a website. Unlike in the old days, it’s a lot cheaper, and your website is a lot easier to manage not requiring much in the way of technical capabilities. However, despite everything going for your website, the slightest mistake can end up being disastrous. Many times, it does not have to be an error on your part which can end up causing financial losses to your brand or online business.

5 Disasters Waiting To Happen With Your Website by Scope Design

Below we go through five things that can spell disasters for your website. Fortunately, most of these issues are rare but being aware of them means that you should always keep a backup of your website and its database.

  1. Hosting services can go offline indefinitely
    Even some of the best hosting services with contingencies in place can go down. When a hosting service goes down, it’s either because of a Denial of Service attack or a bug that took down the servers. At times the hosting company may be under a tremendous amount of traffic which can result in it shutting down. The problem is exponentially worse with many low-cost hosting services is that they can go down when you least expect it and they can go dark very frequently. Disasters like these are not in your control. Apparently, corners are cut, and the cuts are often ones that affect businesses as opposed to personal blogs.

    Solution: Choose a hosting service that does more than just advertise a 99.9% uptime. Read reviews and trial run a service before paying for five years’ worth of hosting.

  2. The infamous slowdown disaster
    When you’re sharing a server with hundreds of other websites, it’s bound to slow down during peak hours. Don’t be surprised if you one day find that an otherwise snappy website is taking forever to load. The problem could be a bug with your website but in most cases, it’s an issue with the hosting service. If you’re selling via the website, the slowdown can affect sales which is obviously disastrous.

    Solution: Businesses that pride themselves on delivering a great service or selling great products should invest in dedicated hosting. That’s the only way to ensure that you’re controlling the speed and accessibility of the website.

  3. Your website can get hacked
    Depending on where you do business and your industry it’s plausible to assume that you’re going to get hacked. Each year millions of small and medium sized business websites get hacked. The reason not being bad security measures but because of hackers taking advantage of glitches in the server’s software, and outdated site software. Take for instance the fact that if you’re using an outdated version of WordPress, you’re just waiting to get hacked.
    Solution: Keep an eye on version numbers. Every bit of software that runs on your website i.e. plugins, server side applets, etc. should all be up to date.
  4. Your website looks bad on mobile devices
    Despite almost everyone in the developed world accessing the internet via their mobile devices, there are still mainly businesses that haven’t optimized their websites for these devices. Today, it’s a lot easier to ensure that your website is mobile friendly. However, if it is not you’ll lose customers, visitors, not to mention SEO juice too.
    Solution: Test your website across an array of popular devices like iPhones, Galaxy phones, iPads, etc. If you notice a problem, make sure it’s fixed before it borders on disastrous for your business.
  5. Google sees your website as being low quality or spammy
    It happens to the best websites, and it can be disastrous. Even if your site is huge with hundreds of pages and products Google may blacklist it. You’ll probably find out when all of a sudden, the traffic dries up. When faced with such a disaster situation it’s time to ask Google for a manual review but first, make sure that your website is, in fact, offering visitors something of value instead of just tech specs for your products.
    Solution: It’s not enough to just have all the products listed on your website. You need to provide good quality content because without it Google will just refuse to acknowledge your existence or worse blacklist the website.