What Will Digital Marketing Look Like in 2021?

digital marketing

As 2020 winds down in the next couple months there are still a lot of questions that we can’t answer. How soon until there’s a vaccine to Covid-19?   When will the pandemic end? When will we return to business as usual? For small business owners, that last question looms large. With COVID cases spiking […]

Holiday Promotional Ideas to Consider During a Pandemic


The 2020 holiday shopping season promises to be unlike any other. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment rates are high, and consumers may be reluctant to do their shopping in person. But don’t worry! Not all the news is bad. In fact, most experts are predicting a robust holiday shopping season that might not look […]

Getting Back to Basics: Facebook Marketing 101

Facebook marketing

You’re probably already marketing your business on Facebook. If you’re not, you should be – but it’s not just a question of having a Facebook page and using it. You’ve got to use it wisely if you want to get great results. It’s not uncommon for small business owners to dive into Facebook marketing without […]

7 Content Marketing Tactics Every Small Business Should Steal

Marketing Tactics

Ad campaigns are still effective, but the truth is they’re not as effective as content marketing. Bill Gates proclaimed “Content is king” back in 1996 and his words have proven to be remarkably prescient. Web users expect top-notch content from the companies they follow. Easier said than done, right? Well… maybe. There are lots of […]

Should Small Businesses Invest in More Offline Lead Generation Strategies?

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Small businesses often struggle to come up with new ways of bringing in traffic. While online strategies are great for reaching a target audience, ignoring offline lead generation may impact your bottom line, especially in service or retail industries. HubSpot surveyed 3,400 marketers and discovered that around 61% of businesses believe lead generation is their […]