How to Increase Customer Retention with Email

New customers are great. There’s something undeniably exciting about attracting someone to your business who might not have found it otherwise. That’s the reason that new customer marketing gets all the attention. It’s the glitziest way to grow a business. But guess what? It’s not a very cost effective way to grow a business, which […]

Get More (and Better) Traffic with Your Local Business Blog

You already know that content marketing is widely considered to be essential for your business. Maybe you’ve already got a blog that gets some organic traffic. What’s next? The sad truth is that most local businesses aren’t blogging about the right things in the right way. As a result, they’re losing business that’s going to […]

How Signage Will Boost Customer Satisfaction in Your Retail Space

With all the changes since the beginning of 2020, many retail stores struggle to keep customers coming in and revenue high. You’ve likely already made changes in the way you do business, such as adding curbside pickup or limiting the number of people in your store at one time. Statista looked at some predictions for […]