How to Create a Relationship-Building Autoresponder Series for New Subscribers

Email marketing is one of those topics that keeps coming up – and for good reason. Email is still one of the most cost-effective ways to connect with your customers, nurture leads, and build your business. Arguably the most important time to engage with subscribers is when they’re new. By subscribing to your list, they’ve […]

The Best Loyalty & Rewards Programs for Small Businesses

There’s plenty of evidence that customer loyalty and reward programs drive sales for businesses of all sizes. 72% of all adults in the US belong to at least one loyalty program, and 87% are willing to have their consumer activity tracked if they get something in exchange. I’ve written about the importance of loyalty and […]

More Than That: Website Maintenance

WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder, powering over thirty percent of Internet websites. WordPress is a valuable free open source program with customized templates, high security, accessible mobile sites, and much more. Operating in WordPress also means you have the choice to use WordPress Premium, which is an advanced version with additional features […]

Is Your Online Reputation Costing You Business?

The song says, “I don’t give a damn ‘bout my bad reputation.” Those lyrics sounded fun and rebellious when Joan Jett sang them but taking that attitude when it comes to your online reputation can be disastrous to your business. Not caring about your online reputation is a mistake. And your online reputation consists of […]

How to Turn Your Fans and Followers into Paying Customers

You’ve got a big following on social media. So what? Unless those followers are paying you for products or services, they don’t mean much. I’m not saying that social media followers aren’t important in some ways. Having a lot of followers sends a signal to potential customers that you have a popular brand. It can […]

More Than That: Choosing the Right Name For Your Domain

You have to choose the right domain for your web. Not only will the business give people a term to come to you, but any domain you choose will influence your search exposure and can do your business or ruin it. You have many market options nowadays, but you still have to follow some of […]

Virtual Meetings are Paving the way for Business Continuity

As Covid-19 has begun to spread far and wide, businesses all over the world have switched to the standard policy of work-from-home. However, to keep the companies up and running efficiently, communication becomes an uphill task. You just can’t summon everyone to the conference room and hold a meeting. The work is now remote; however, […]